Cyber security: India as vulnerable as any other country in the world, says Eugene Kaspersky

By ZTPL Dec 26, 2017
Eugene Kaspersky, the third most famous Russian brand after vodka and AK, as The Economist said, has the visage of a lapsed hippy in the 28th floor room at the ITC Maurya in the heart of Delhi. His hint of chubbiness is well served by a trimmed beard, long mane, blue denim jeans and white shirt to look his part as a maverick entrepreneur.

Kaspersky, the eponymous head of the famous cyber security firm, is an advocate for an international treaty prohibiting cyberwarfare. He called US whistleblower Edward Snowden, whom Russia now hosts, a traitor for violating his contract with the US National Security Agency (NSA). And currently he is in the centre of a bitter battle against the US government for branding him a Russian spy.

In the cyber world, says the Russian, while sipping black tea, there is either fact or fiction. "It's either 1 or 0. Nothing can be hidden. It's a transparent world," Kaspersky told on a chilly December afternoon. "All allegations are baseless, false and without any proof."

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